MESFMolecules of Equivalent Soluble Fluorochrome (chemistry)
MESFMobile Electronics and Security Federation (UK trade association)
MESFMaritime Expeditionary Security Force
MESFMedical, Educational and Scientific Foundation (New York)
MESFMinimum Engineered Safety Feature
MESFMouse Embryonic Skin Fibroblasts
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The MESF encouraged participation from experts pre-eminent in their field who exemplify the highest levels of professional competence and ethical standards.
Topics of discussion at the first forum of the MESF included the establishment of product safety requirements, components and systems, interpretation of product safety standards, suitability of test methods, standards development, regulatory needs, regulatory acceptance and similar issues.
The primary unit of action for MESF is the Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron (MSRON).
Additionally, MESF embarks security teams on board Navy and merchant vessels to provide in-transit security protection.
Rana Kawar, Director of MESF commented on Kroto's visit saying "At MESF we aim to motivate and strengthen the role of researchers and sponsor meetings with scientists to highlight their studies and research.
A valid assignment of MESF values should yield a linear relation between the measured fluorescence signal in the cytometer and the assigned MESF values.
The process for designing the MESF will provide an opportunity to experts from APEC economies to share their experience in major event security.
Key words: emission spectrum matching; extinction coefficient; fluorescein; lymphocyte; MESF value; microbead; pH; quantitative flow cytometry.
The equality of fluorescence yields from two solutions leads to the notion of equivalent number of fluorophores in the two solutions that is the basis for assignment of MESF (Molecules of Equivalent Soluble Fluorophore) values.
MESF brings together Abu Dhabi s policy-makers, investors and key decision-makers from across the GCC and beyond.
The Navy has more than 6,000 active and Reserve Sailors who make up MESF, a command flexible enough to adapt to new missions in support of maritime security and protection of critical assets.
The above discussion motivates the rationale for adopting the units of fluorescence intensity referred to as MESF (molecules of equivalent soluble fluorophore).