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MESFETMetal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
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The performance advantages of higher power ratings, higher linear efficiency and higher gain, combined with a reduced footprint, offer dramatic advantages when compared to GaAs MESFET transistors or TWT amplifiers.
Proven ANADIGICS GaAs MESFET process for a high mean-time-to-failure (MTTF)
In addition, because this device operates at higher voltages than GaAs MESFETs (e.
The ACA2786, ACA2788, ACA3748, and ACA3754 24 V line amplifier power doublers use the Company's proven MESFET technology to provide high output power, world-class linearity, and industry-leading reliability for 1 GHz and 870 MHz applications.
In addition, it can be used in low-noise amplifier applications where the superior ruggedness of GaN HEMTs can lessen the need for protection components, typically required in GaAs MESFET low-noise amplifiers.
Military applications were the first to use WBG devices, especially with the SiC MESFET being developed through broadly financed DARPA and DoD programs in the US.