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MESHMacintosh Enhanced SCSI Hardware
MESHMapping European Seabed Habitats (UK)
MESHMarine Aspects of Earth System History
MESHModeling Environment for Software and Hardware (computer engineering)
MeSHMobile Eservices Hub
MESHMid Anglia Environment Safety and Health Group (UK)
MESHMacroergonomics Safety and Health Laboratory (University of Wisconsin; Madison)
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In July of 2011 the FDA warning on all mesh products resulted in Legal-Bay becoming an industry leader in legal funding for all mesh cases with major mesh manufacturers such as: Boston Scientific Inc.
0 improve the efficiency of the MPI/3D meshing process and the quality of the resulting mesh.
Star Nodes are battery operated, can accommodate up to two sensor inputs, as well as serial I/O, support a dry contact output, and communicate bi-directionally with Mesh Nodes and Bridge Nodes.
In this sense, facades made of stainless-steel wire mesh can be described as daylight architecture or light architecture, since light is the main source of the aesthetic impact of buildings enclosed within such facades.
But some babies are just natural stomach-sleepers, said company spokeswoman Julia Robinson Shimizu, and the mesh mattress - an empty mesh shell - lets air circulate freely around a sleeping baby's nose and mouth.
In addition, three types of crumb rubber; 30 mesh (~600 microns), 80 mesh (~180 microns) and partially devulcanized tire rubber were used to prepare the rubber modified asphalts.
Reebok Team Uniforms is introducing three new materials in their basketball line for 1998, as well as bringing in pro satin textured mesh with a bright sheen for jerseys.
Importantly, we are able to gather and transmit this business information using a very small amount of airtime because of our Correlated Mesh Data Protocol.
Most screens have a simple square mesh weave with the same number of wires in each direction.
Optical mesh networks are highly desirable due to their ability to reduce network build, upgrade and protection costs.
A type of mesh called Escale was used over exterior walls at the Centre.
For example, an 800,000-element mesh of an engine block was developed in less than two hours, compared to more than three months for the current approach.