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MESIModified Exclusive Shared Invalid (states of cache memory)
MESIMonthly Economic and Social Indicators (Australia)
MESIMangled Extremity Syndrome Index
MESIMulti Edit Software, Inc. (text editing software)
MESIMarine and Environmental Studies Institute (College of the Bahamas)
MESIMarocchinerie e Scamoscerie Italiane (Italian: Italian Saddlery and Tannery; est. 1907; Turin, Italy; sheepskin leather)
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The bus implements a standard coherency protocol called MESI to maintain complete data and I/O coherence.
To ensure that a read always returns the latest data, the bus implements the standard MESI protocol to maintain complete data and I/O coherence.
Munn, President and owner of MESI, will become the new President of HP&S, and will continue to serve as President of the MESI subsidiary as well.
This is a great opportunity for MESI and myself," said Mr.
The acquisition will be accomplished via the merger of MESI into HYTK as a wholly owned subsidiary.
The MESI properties currently produce about $20,000 per month in gross revenue and they contain numerous low-risk drill sites for the development of additional gas production.
Optimized for Windows '95 and other multi-tasking/multi-threading operating systems, Aladdin III provides highly efficient bus transactions, along with a highly concurrent architecture and a highly integrated design including an integrated MESI Tag memory, a smart Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) and ECC.
Utilizing a MESI cache architecture, integrated ECC and optimized I/O and CPU, GENIE provides very high-performance system design for these demanding applications.