MESLMuseum Educational Site Licensing
MESLMuseum of Eastern Shore Life (Centreville, MD)
MESLMcLaren Electronic Systems Ltd. (UK)
MESLMission Essential Subsystem List
MESLMission Event Synchronization List
MESLMen's Evangelical Softball League
MESLMinimum Equipment Serviceability List
MESLMinimum Expected System Load
MESLMead Engineering Services Limited (UK)
MESLManpower English as a Second Language (education)
MESLMilestone Engineering Services Ltd. (Canada)
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In line with Vinci's policy of decentralisation, MESL will continue to be managed from its current base in Maidenhead.
Peter Rooney, managing director of Vinci Energies United Kingdom, said: "This is a significant deal for both Vinci Energies and MESL.
MESL is expected to benefit from the support structure and resources offered from being part of a major group.
The battalion received MESL injects that exercised its tactical operations center battle drills, focusing on identified training objectives.
Her recent publications include a user evaluation study of the MESL image database, funded by the Getty Information Institute, a book on technology and management in libraries co-authored with F.
While traditional analog visual resource collections in educational institutions have depended on physical arrangement and local cataloging to provide access, the descriptive metadata provided with the MESL images was extracted from data that already existed in the museum collection management systems-legacy data from systems built primarily to handle the internal informational requirements of the repositories.
One can postulate that what was true for the MESL museum data is generalizable to most museum collections' management information (Dowden, 1998).
Each of the universities participating in the MESL project designed its own delivery system using local resources and frequently building on existing information systems and infrastructure.
The entire MESL data set was mounted locally by each of the participating universities rather than served from a single central distribution point.
In addition to creating search and retrieval systems for the MESL images and data, each of the participating universities designed their own search and browsing interfaces.
A typical retrieval process on the MESL test set is given in Figures 9 and 10.
For example, in the MESL database, it will be much more meaningful if we first do a text-based search to confine the category and then use a visual feature-based search to refine the result.