MESMMaster of Environmental Science and Management
MESMMesh Edge Service Management (wireless routers)
MESMMission Essential Subsystem Matrix
MESMMarine Engineering and Shipyard Management (US Merchant Marine Academy)
MESMMiddle East Sales Manager
MESMMulti-Echelon Supply Model
MESMMarine Engineer Submariner (Royal Navy)
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The five industry-wide variables are generally not significant statistically, except for MESM, which has a strong, positive influence on PCM1.
In contrast S 1 and S2 become irrelevant, and the efficiency variables RP1 and MESM much less significant, when the top firm's market share is "low".
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MESM provides network operators with the means to exercise control, detect threats and enforce policies at the very edge of the mesh network.
With these control and threat detection capabilities, MESM enables carriers to offer a consistent, high quality user experience.
For example, MESM can manage airtime use at the network edge, ensuring that all subscribers have a fair level of access to network resources.