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MESTMatter Energy Space Time (Dianetics & Scientology Technical Dictionary)
MESTMinistry of Environment, Science and Technology (Ghana)
MESTMeltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (Accra, Ghana)
MESTMiddle European Summer Time (GMT +0200)
MESTMouse-Ear-Swelling-Test (method for the detection of skin sensitizing properties of substances)
MESTMinistry of Education, Science & Technology (South Korea)
MESTMaximal Electroshock Seizure Threshold (Model)
MESTMissile Electrical System Test
MESTMultinational Entry Into Service Team
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At the MEST launch event, Zogby reviewed Arab public opinion based on the evidence from many years of polling across the region.
I hope and pray that Zogby's positive expectations of the MEST venture prove to be correct.
As evidence of their seriousness, MEST has formed five working groups -- two of which are headed by respected Arab American scholars and composed, in equal measure, of American, European, and Arab academics and analysts.
But because MEST has made a consideration of Arab opinion the starting point of its effort, I am optimistic that this Albright/Hadley project may succeed, where others have failed.
MEST was first described by Michal and Syrucek in 1998 (1), and in 2004 it was included in the World Health Organization's renal tumor classification (2), accounting for 1.
On computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging scans, MEST appears as a well-circumscribed multiseptate cystic mass with solid components and thick or thin septae (20, 21).
Malignant transformation, recurrence, and metastasis are rare in MEST; however, recently a few cases of malignant MEST have been reported in the literature.
We further observed that the restriction sites in the ICRs of GRB10 and MEST had mean methylation percentages that were different from the expected 50%, even if they clearly behaved as imprinted in UPDs of chromosome 7.
Phase 1 of MEST is a rigorous two-year program where fully sponsored students, known as Entrepreneurs in Training (EITs), receive hands-on education in software development, basic business fundamentals and entrepreneurship.
Some of the topics to be included at MEST are spatial data infrastructure and spatial metadata, standards, data focus and data quality challenge, spatial databases, technology trends, CAD-spatial seamless integration, multi-participant collaboration and coordination and the emerging role of GeoWeb.