MESUMinistry of Education and Science of Ukraine
MESUMedical Equipment Service Unit (Queens Medical Centre Nottingham; UK)
MESUMonetary, Economic and Social Union (Germany)
MESUMedical Education Support Unit (University of Kansas)
MESUMetro Ethernet Service Unit (Nortel)
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225) The unification treaties implicitly contemplated the possibility of amending Article 87 of the Basic Law to meet the privatization goal of the MESU Treaty because Article 87 of the Basic Law listed the areas of direct federal administration in the former West Germany and because the unification treaties did not limit privatization to former East German public enterprises.
273) Furthermore, both gender equality and the environment had been specifically addressed in the unification treaties (Article 31(1) of the Unification Treaty for gender equality;(274) Article 34(1) of the Unification Treaty and Article 16 of the MESU Treaty for environment).
Therefore, the MESU Treaty allowed West and East Germany to experience monetary, economic, and social union before finalizing political union in the Unification Treaty.
The Unification Treaty and the MESU Treaty were the only two unification treaties to which West and East Germany constituted the only two parties.
MESU Treaty, supra note 7, Protocol on Guidelines A.