METAPMediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Programme
METAPMinority Energy Technical Assistance Program
METAPMediterranean European Technical Assistance Programme
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et al, 1999, "The Economic and Social Impacts of Mobile Source Pollution on Public Health in the Greater Beirut Area," Country case study for METAP III, Medpolicies Initiative, Report submitted to Harvard Institute for International Development.
Approximately 15,800 barrels of different sizes, 20 containers of highly toxic industrial waste, and some 30,000 tons of contaminated waste were illegally brought to Lebanon from Italy in exchange for cash payment to a local militia (Greenpeace Mediterranean, 1995; METAP, 1995).
However, METAP estimates that every village has at least one, if not more, dump site in its vicinity.
As of February 2013, participating Android apps using the Metaps platform have achieved an amazing 62 million downloads, making this the largest network in Asia.
The proceeds from this private placement will be used for securing top talent and growing Metaps service in Asia along with expansion to other countries.
About metaps 'metaps' is a platform that provides developers of smartphone apps one-stop support for everything from promotion to monetization.
About "metaps" platform Metaps is a reward advertisement network which offers software developers a platform for low-risk advertising through a CPI(cost-per-install)-based traffic, and meanwhile generates continuous revenue by incentivized ads placed on their own media.
Metaps intends to expand the number of distributed applications and networks on a global scale by networking their previously released media platforms, such as "AppBonus", with various apps provided by other developers.