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METCOMetropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity
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in today's competitive environments, and, together with METCO, we have been
Of course, METCO students may come from particularly motivated families, but careful studies -- in Hartford, Connecticut and Montgomery County, Maryland -- that seek to account for motivation, find strong benefits to students who are randomly assigned to socioeconomically and racially integrated schools.
METCO, which is an established integrator of Ciena's technology, provided Zain Kuwait with Ethernet architecture based on Ciena's service delivery switches, providing an easily upgradeable mobile backhaul solution.
Company will receive higher rental payments for its land and factories utilized by METCO.
Ron Perkins and Jeff Cole, partners in METCO Investment Realty Inc.
METCO recognized the potential of the Internet as a promotional tool at an early stage.
METCO implemented a complete integrated solution in less than two months.
Burge will continue as the head of a downtown redevelopment association, but he plans to scale back elsewhere, including his position as president of METCO Investment Realty, a commercial-industrial-residential property firm downtown.
Burge, president of METCO investment and real estate company in downtown, has formed a partnership with city Planning Commissioner Steve Moe, property owner Blake Hastings, U.
Burge, who tendered his resignation at Wednesday's board meeting, is president of METCO Investment Realty, a commercial-industrial-residential property firm that recently relocated to downtown from Glenwood.
Burge, 65, is president of METCO Investment Realty, a commercial/industrial sales, leasing and management firm in downtown.