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METEMinistry of Economy, Trade and Energy (Albania)
METEMitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe
METEMathematics Education Traditions of Europe
METEMultiple ECM Threat Environment
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Abdulrahman Jawahery is one of most experienced executives in the fertilizer industry," outgoing President Esin Mete commented.
But the probation service had found no record of any James Mete dying in the past year, the court heard.
In the construction industry, Huaku, Chonghong, Farglory, and Highwealth are expected to mete out bonus equivalent to last year's level.
Mete said increase in grain imports could be stemmed from cheap prices in world grain market.
Mete was working in an acute mental health unit for adults.
Mete cited the increased promotion of Turkish confectioneries in foreign markets as well as investments in R&D to improve and diversify confectionery products as the reasons for last year's strong performance.
Mete said the association was urging the two governments to make a free trade agreement, however no progress had been made so far.
It is this law requiring drug dealers to mete out their own justice that causes drug dealers to mete out their own justice .
But Congress has no plan to mete out its cuts evenly.
ISLAMABAD -- Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has remarked no one will be allowed to mete out unjust treatment to the minorities and the matter of sale of their land is illegal and constitutional.
Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) deputy chairman Halim Mete said Belgrade was a key city for Turkish private sector in the Balkans, noting that every year thousands of Turkish lorries were going to Europe via Serbia.
Summary: RIZE (Cihan) -- Danis Mete and Erdinc Turanli, entered the New Year under 53 meters deep of the Black Sea in The Turkey's northern city of Rize.