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METHMethylene Chloride
METHMinimum Eye Height over Threshold (aviation)
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The Treatment Episode Data Set found over 100,000 admissions to treatment facilities across the country are attributed to meth use.
Investigators say it's impossible to know how much liquid meth crosses the border, but agents in Central California say they have been seeing more of it in the past few years.
In March, officers obtained a warrant to search Mr White's house, which led them to discover four ounces of meth, valued at USD10,000, two handguns, and more than USD15,000 cash.
The moves deprived local meth cooks of their key ingredient, and the results were startlingly effective.
With jobs scarce, Oelwein fell victim to the crystal meth epidemic, becoming a midwestern focal point for dealers.
36 cohort (2001/02), half of whom were meth users, analyses found a benefit-cost ratio of two to one over a 42-month follow-up period (Hawken et al.
Meth abuse is increasingly one of the most serious public health problems in the United States.
Narrated by Kristin, a woman seen consistently on screen who has five years of recovery from meth addiction, the series deftly combines first-person accounts with important data about meth (it is the only illegal drug that women use as much as men; it produces a rush three times stronger than cocaine's, and lasting four times longer).
To find out whether a dose of meth could improve the snails' memories in the way it does human memories, Sorg teamed up with Ken Lukowiak from University of Calgary, Canada, who has been working on the mechanisms of memory formation in these snails for most of his career.
Even the 14 kilos of meth seized in New York was less than it seemed: The DEA now says that last year's haul ended up weighing no more than nine kilos.
The new method of cooking meth is simpler, and uses materials that are easier to access.
These positive developments reflect the work of the Meth Project, a large(5) scale marketing campaign designed to discourage meth use among teenagers.