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METISMedical Engineering Technology Industrial Strategy (consortium; Japan)
METISMetadata Extraction and Tagging Service
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We remain committed to working together to invest in and improve the well-being of Metis children, families and communities.
8, Metis National Council counsel Jason Madden argued that in 1939 the court included Eskimos as part of section 91 (24) without providing a definition.
Prager Metis has a level of expertise, a growing reputation, and a global presence that is unique for an accounting firm of its size," says Pruskowski.
Defining the Metis through their mixed heritage may well be illogical, but Andersen concedes that it remains the major factor characterizing the Metis in Canadian society today.
During the fur trade era, the Metis were a vital part of the western economy.
A trial court declared Metis and non-status Indians as "Indians" under Section 91(24) of the Constitution and as such coming under federal jurisdiction.
The Metis are pushing to add Ile-a-la-Crosse, a residential school operated by the Roman Catholics, and Timber Bay Children's Home, which housed Aboriginal students who attended the local public school, to the IRS SA's list of prescribed schools that warrant both common experience payment and independent assessment process payments for survivors.
A high level executive officer of Teleperformance, Norberto Varas, said that they were impressed by Metis "based on its professional working system, excellent achievements, and its highly successful staff members".
Dans ce livre, Russel Bouchard presente les principaux textes fondateurs qui ont faconne l'histoire economique, sociale et demographique du Saguenay et qui ont ainsi marque l'ethnogenese des Metis de la Borealie.
The Manitoba Metis Federation and 17 Metis individuals sought to establish that the Metis of Manitoba were entitled to a sizeable land base on Manitoba's entry into Confederation in 1870.
After considering the recommendations, the Metis Settlements General Council will set maximum salary rates.
This volume contains 14 chapters examining Metis culture and nationhood.