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Units focus their training by developing a METL and establish long-range training plans that describe events and resources required to increase METL proficiency.
Indeed, tactical units were charged to be able "to adapt to different missions and tasks, some of which may not be on unit METLs.
Going forward, METL will plant about 2,200 ha with new sisal each year until 2023, thereby increasing the total planted area from 12,697 to 20,603 ha (Sisal has to be replanted every 10 year).
The certification program is a living document that is directly nested with the unit's METL.
To provide better focus, battalion and detachment commanders should minimize the number of METs and key collective tasks in the unit METL.
The list of comparisons can go on, but the crux of our current dilemma is that AG Soldiers are not required to build unit-level training plans to support a mission essential task list (METL), and platoon leaders do not understand how to train to support the company METL.
By incorporating Rules of Professional Conduct elements into METL training for paralegals, JAs can demonstrate how the Rules of Professional Conduct affect daily duties with concrete examples within general Military Occupational Specialty training topics and thereby raise the awareness of paralegals in a practical and effective manner.
CATS provide task-based, event-driven training strategies to assist commanders in planning and executing training events that build and sustain Soldier, leader, and unit proficiency in METL.
The first stage in the development of a CATS involves the verification of the unit table of organization and equipment, an analysis of the doctrinal mission, a determination of unit capabilities by warfighting function, and the establishment of a standardized METL for brigade level and above.
Real engineers, no matter their role, professionally execute the Regiment's METL with problem solving as the core attribute.
From this METL we were able to develop a set of classes over the course of several months of refinement.
The purpose of this exercise was to train in the battalion's METL tasks of deploy and redeploy, provide command and control, conduct water terminal operations (planning), and protect the force.