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MetSMetabolic Syndrome
METSMetabolic Equivalents (multiples of resting oxygen uptake)
METSMetropolitans (New York baseball team)
METSMetropolitan Evansville Transit System
METSModular Egress Training Simulator (Survival Systems)
METSMobile Electronic Test Set
METSModern Engineering and Technology Seminar
METSMicrowave Energy Transmission in Space
METSMechanized Export Traffic System
METSMobile Electronic Threat Simulator
METSModular Equipment Transporter System (NASA)
METSMcCord's Emergency Travel Service
METSModular Engine Test Stand
METSMeteorological Event Triggering System (Atmospheric Technology, Inc.)
METSMobile Emissions Testing System (US EPA)
METSMaintenance Equipment Transport System
METSMetadata Encoding and Transmission Standard
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Using METS, PREMIS and MODS for archiving ejournals.
New metadata standards for digital resources: MODS and METS.
The Australian METS profile: A journey about metadata.
METS is a standardized way for libraries and other institutions to create and share administrative, structural and descriptive metadata.
Another reason why XML is a good fit for METS is that the use of namespaces in XML allows for inputting metadata schema other than METS into the METS document (Cundiff, 2004).
The collaboration of the METS product with several other software applications in an ASP environment will provide customers with enormous opportunities to achieve significant revenue enhancement and cost reduction benefits," adds Smith.
A METS system is treating residential sewage for the 153 home Hazeldell subdivision located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Markets for the METS technology for the community, environment, industry and government are as follows: