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MEUMultibay Expansion Unit (Compaq)
MEUMemory Expansion Unit
MEUMission Essential Unit
MEUMain Electronics Unit
MEUModern English Usage
MEUMunicipal Employees Union
MEUMobile Expansion Unit
MEUMissile Echo Unit
MEUMaximum Expected Utility (philosophy, economics)
MEUMunicipal Electric Utility (various locations)
MEUMarine Expeditionary Unit
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Com meus proprios olhos ve os di amantes sem conto guardados nas
For the Marine side, there are no personnel integrated, but the MEU uses the military' interdepartmental purchase request process to transfer funds into the ship's "OPTAR Other" account.
Northrop Grumman is offering its Freedom 240 for CREW MEU (SOC) that provides precision electronic jamming of a wide range of IEDs and is designed to create a protective barrier around a Marine ground combat team and their equipment while minimizing disruption to friendly communications systems.
Under the PILs regime, an MEU must pay a proxy tax if it is exempt from tax under both the federal Income Tax Act and the Ontario Corporations Tax Act for a taxation year; it is also subject to a "departure" tax if it ceases to be tax exempt.
The ETAT-based triage system was introduced into the MEU in October 2007 after the nursing staff had been formally trained in its use.
The Essex ARG, with the embarked 31st MEU, is operating near Uranohama Harbor, Oshima Island's primary ferry harbor, in support of Operation Tomodachi.
The JFC with TACON must directly exercise control above the MEU and cannot subordinate the MEU to another subordinate commander in the joint force.
Yes, every Amphibious Ready Group is configured differently, but with the tanks, medium trucks, MRAPs, howitzers, armored vehicles, humvees and containers that deploy within the MEU need to be able to deploy from any of the three platforms.
Carl McCleod, intelligence officer, 24th MEU, ISAF.
Welcome to the Los Angeles Police Department's Mental Evaluation Unit -- the MEU.
It was understood that the MEU would leave in July, and TF Bobcat would replace it.
CDRE Harris: The missions that we used to test the FORCEnet systems in TWOS are ones that commonly call for the MEU and amphibious squadron to work in a supporting-supported relationship.