MEUAMunicipal Electric Utilities Association
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This electric vehicle initiative is another good example of MEUA and NYPA working together to serve our customers.
The vehicle, which NYPA is lending to the MEUA for one year for business purposes, uses a combination of gasoline and electric motors to increase gas mileage and reduce tailpipe emissions.
He received the first-ever MEUA Community Service Award and co- authored an informational booklet on the organization.
In addition to urging MEUA participation in the Niagara relicensing, Zeltmann asked Association members to support efforts undertaken by NYPA, at Gov.
Under Flynn's leadership, the Power Authority signed new contracts with MEUA members, ensuring them of low-cost power supplies into the next century; launched an economic development program for the public systems; and established an innovative energy conservation program (Watt Busters) for them.
Pataki's leadership, looks forward to working with the MEUA "to meet your needs and to draw on your expertise and support as we confront issues of mutual concern.