MEURMonthly Employment Utilization Report (contractor form)
MEURMillion Euros
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The company has around 400 employees and annual sales of around 100 MEUR with an operating margin in line with the SKF Group.
Revenues in 2014 are expected to exceed MEUR 500, corresponding to a rise of around 10%.
The consideration amounts to approximately MEUR 27 (about MSEK 229).
With a total amount of 90 MEUR available, BMM's research agenda focuses on new therapies and applications that prevent chronic organ and tissue failure, and contribute to the improvement in patients' quality of life.
The estimated total portfolio valuation amounts to 1 310 MEUR compared to 737 MEUR one year before.
This acquisition amounted to 40 MEUR and guarantees a substantial revaluation profit on 31.
In the line of its continuous investment strategy ORCO additional investments of more than 83 MEUR have been realized mainly in Croatia (13,2 MEUR), the Czech Republic (Luxembourg Plaza 8,6 MEUR), Germany (29,1 MEUR), Hungary (CIB building and Paris Dept Store 17 MEUR) and in Poland (9 MEUR).
This transaction is reinforcing the property investment business line, with an amount of 70 MEUR and assures Orco very important redevelopment opportunities in particular with the historical building of the Budapest stock exchange (18.
After the acquisition Securitas Security Systems in Spain will have annual sales of MEUR 74 (MSEK 672) and 700 employees in 30 branches throughout Spain.
Hexagon has over 12 000 employees in more than 40 countries and net sales of about 2 200 MEUR.
Breakdown by geographical zones September 30 In MEUR 2004 2003 % % (1) European Union 1,345.
Excluding inter-company sales, SISGRAPH's turnover in 2010 amounted to approximately 11 MEUR.