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MEVMega (Million) Electron-Volts
MEVMillion Electron Volts
MEVMiddle Earth Vault (forum)
MEVMedical Ventures Corp (stock symbol)
MEVMusica Elettronica Viva (band)
MEVMacro Economische Verkenning (Dutch: Macro Economic Outlook)
MEVMinden-Tahoe Airport (Nevada)
MeVMega Electron Volt
MEVMedical Evacuation Vehicle
MEVMechanical Extract Ventilation (construction)
MEVMillion Entering Vehicles (vehicle crash rate)
MEVManchester Event Volunteers (UK)
MEVMulti Experiment Viewer
mEVMilli-Electron Volt
MEVMesa de Entradas Virtual (Spanish)
MEVMilitary Equipment Valuation
MEVMouse Encephalomyelitis Virus
MEVMaven Evangelism
MEVMain Electrical Vendor
MEVMevalonate Uptake Facilitator
MEVMorir Es Vivir (band)
MEVMean Estimated Value
MEVMilli Egitim Vakfi (Turkish)
MEVMission Essential Variant
MEVMacro Economic Outlook (The Netherlands)
MEVMulti-Entry Visa
MEVMachinery Equipment & Vehicles
MEVMarket Enterprise Value
MEVMissionaries of Evangelium Vitae
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Table 1: Number of ions produced in Teflon by a uniform neutron field of 5 MeV (4x[10.
On the other hand, high power motor can maintain normal running of the MEV under overload conditions.
NDR can be seen in this device for the intervals in meV [500,1150] and [1200,1300] for [d.
How would the added shielding required by equipment that generates photons greater than 9 MeV affect deployment at ports, where space is at a premium?
For 5 MeV protons the background becomes considerably stronger as a result of reactions caused by photons.
Apos a aquisicao de imagens ao microscopio optico, a secao polida foi coberta com carbono evaporado de modo a torna-la condutora e adequada a analise ao MEV
The willingness to fall into tradition, and to rise back out of it again, may be what defines the work MEV have made over the past forty-plus years.
It detected only 22 gamma-ray photons at 50 MeV and set an upper limit on the brightness of the gamma-ray sky.
THE VOICES: From left, Hamish Mackay, Susan Wighton, Joe Gorman, Susan Archibald, James Cant, leader Archie Stirling, Willy Stirling, Mev Brown, Gaille McCann and Hew Edgar