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MEVAModular Effectiveness Vulnerability Assessment
MEVAMission Essential Vulnerable Area
MEVAManitoba Electric Vehicle Association (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
MEVAMunicipalities Enabling and Validating Act (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
MEVAMalaysian Equine Veterinary Association
MEVAMise En Valeur Agricole (French: Agricultural Development; Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries; Madagascar)
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They answered the MEVA and the EMSRQ, and then each group of students was instructed to fill in the CMCQ and the final scales in relation to the teacher of one of their academic subjects selected randomly.
Program managers can find out more on the MEVA Web site.
b) An Expectancy-of-Success Scale developed together with the MEVA (Alonso-Tapia, 2005).
The MEVA II project will allow for the integration of air controller voice and data traffic, and will greatly enhance the "hand-off" of flights from air controller to air controller.
In the case of secondary and high-school students, previous results obtained using the MEVA questionnaire suggested the use of the trichotomous model described in the literature (Alonso-Tapia, 2005).
This includes a 31 unit commitment from Integra Medical Imaging of Australia, a 6 unit conditional order from MEVA, a German reseller, a 4 unit conditional order from Medisend, Inc.
BAM International found a winning formula when it joined with MEVA KHK to provide the formwork for Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain and the surrounding mixed-use development.
is pleased to announce that it has entered into a letter of intent with MEVA bildgebende Systeme GmbH & Co.
The MevaDec slab system - like other MEVA formwork systems - is equipped with the alkus all-plastic facing.
Aramco, BHF Bank, Bilfinger Deutsche Babcock, Dorsch Consultants, Dynamic Engineering Consultants, Germany Trade & Invest, Hyder Consulting, Johnson Controls, KFW IPEX, KSB Middle East FZE, Larsen & Toubro, Linde AG, MEVA Schallungssysteme GmbH, Quarry & Mining, RAK German Engineering, RTA, Samsung Engineering, Siemens, SMS Meer, Societe Generale, Takamul Project Management Co.
NYSE:TRN) today said it has completed the previously announced purchase from the Romanian State Ownership Fund of 70 percent of the stock of MEVA, S.
NYSE:TRN) announced today that it has executed an agreement with the Romanian State Ownership Fund for the purchase of 70% of the stock of MEVA, S.