MEVIMiddle Eastern Variable Intake (manifold; Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.)
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The species with the highest MEVI were Herissantia tiubae, Eragrostis ciliaris, Pseudomalacra guianensis, Zornia brasiliensis, Cardiospermum sp.
The calculation of the MEVI showed that in the crystalline area, the species with the highest mixed ecological importance were not necessarily those with the highest IVI values (Table 1).
The high values for MEVI in Bromeliaceae and Cactaceae species is consistent with the trend reported by Feitoza et al.
Although Staelia virgata, Richardia grandiflora, Mollugo verticilata, Phyllanthus niruri, Portulaca elatior and Panicum trichoides had high IVI values in the sedimentary area, they had relatively lower values for MEVI (Table 2).