MEXAMovimiento Estudiantil Xicano de Aztlan
MEXAModel-Based Experimental Analysis
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x] emissions were measured before and after the use of the catalyst with the Horiba MEXA 7500 direct emission analyzer.
072/03, que funda a ANEAES, cita explicitamente o MEXA como uma referencia para sua criacao.
Em 2007, a ANEAES desenvolveu o Modelo Nacional de Acreditacao, voltado para as carreiras de Agronomia, Engenharia, Medicina e Direito, sendo que as tres primeiras carreiras ja haviam sido acreditadas pelo MEXA.
The MEXA 1170 analyzer is a new product line that can operate as standalone instrumentation using their own pumps or they can be integrated partially or fully into a MEXA 7000 bench.
The first of the 1170 line to be launched is the MEXA 1170 HFID, which can be used for SHED, raw and continuous diluted measurements.
Also new is the MEXA 1170 HCLD, which uses an industry standard chemiluminescence detector for NOx measurement.
The MEXA 1170 SX is a new instrument used to measure sulfur for aftertreatment and transient lubricant oil consumption.
The MEXA 1370 is intended as an alternative to gravemetric determination of total PM on filters collected using full or partial flow sampling systems (tunnels).
The MEXA 7200DEGR bench features auto-ranging analyzers with [NO.
has developed three products designed for engine emission analysis, the MEXA1220 particulate matter analyzer, the MEXA 120NOx non-sampling type [NO.
The MEXA 1220 PM analyzer is designed to continuously measure soot, soluble organic fraction (SOF) and total particulate matter in raw or diluted exhaust gas, even under transient operating conditions.