MF-TDMAMultiple Frequency Time Division Multiple Access
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5 inch configuration, is designed to maintain its superior latency and jitter performance while operating in full mesh configurations at the industry's highest MF-TDMA throughput rates.
Ultimately named JNN, the architecture leveraged the successes of the two pilot fieldings and incorporated the MF-TDMA technology as the core waveform that would allow JNN-equipped brigades and divisions to communicate BLOS.
In numerous, concurrent at-the-halt and on-the-move network demonstrations, the full-mesh LinkWayS2 system has proven its superior performance compared to other MF-TDMA systems in terms of latency, jitter performance, and throughput rates.
The new hub, compliant with the open, international, DVB-RCS standards for MF-TDMA satellite communications networks, is built with full-redundancy in all active components.
The open-standards MF-TDMA (multi-frequency, time-division multiple access) system provides more operational flexibility compared to proprietary hub-spoke MF-TDMA modem systems.
The banking network is based on AAE's Eclipse MF-TDMA DAMA DSM product family that is both bandwidth and cost efficient.
Ideal for all SATCOM environments, the Expand solution overcomes network challenges frequently encountered in dynamic bandwidth and dynamic latency networks, such as BGAN, INMARSAT, and MF-TDMA.
we are focusing on broadband applications and other potentially high-growth areas where we can leverage our unique base of technologies, such as the Montreal group's MF-TDMA expertise.
This equips the VSAT to receive burst communications on four concurrent MF-TDMA carriers, which assures non-blocking mesh networking performance for voice and data to typical end-user sites.
DVB-RCS is an international standard for MF-TDMA satellite networks published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and developed by The DVB Project (www.
LYSAKER, Norway -- STM Group announced today that its subsidiary, STM Norway AS, has entered into a supply agreement with Avanti Communications Ltd (Avanti), for delivery of a carrier-class Hub and 5000 satellite ground terminals based on STM's SatLink product family, the leading DVB-RCS compliant, MF-TDMA satellite networking system.