MF-TDMAMultiple Frequency Time Division Multiple Access
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Timeslot duration is the minimum scheduling length in MF-TDMA system, the value of [l.
Ultimately named JNN, the architecture leveraged the successes of the two pilot fieldings and incorporated the MF-TDMA technology as the core waveform that would allow JNN-equipped brigades and divisions to communicate BLOS.
With its SatLink([R]) product line, the Company is a leader in research, development and manufacturing of MF-TDMA, bandwidth-on-demand solutions with certified compliance to international standards.
Newtec Dialog supports MF-TDMA and SCPC technologies, as well as Newtec s Mx-DMA technology, increasing bandwidth efficiency and service reliability for enterprise applications and enabling those services to run more cost-effectively and reliably than before.
Together with HighResCoding (HRC), it combines the best of both worlds, incorporating the best features of MF-TDMA and SCPC technologies.
The new hub, compliant with the open, international, DVB-RCS standards for MF-TDMA satellite communications networks, is built with full-redundancy in all active components.
It has Newtec's patented return link technology Mx-DMA, that unites the best features of MF-TDMA and SCPC technologies.
Ideal for all SATCOM environments, the Expand solution overcomes network challenges frequently encountered in dynamic bandwidth and dynamic latency networks, such as BGAN, INMARSAT, and MF-TDMA.
The technology combines the finest aspects of MF-TDMA and SCPC technologies so that services can move powerfully and unfailingly.
The companies informed that the MF-TDMA modem has an integrated DVB-S2 receiver, and is optimally suited for use in Vislink's highly portable MSAT range.
This equips the VSAT to receive burst communications on four concurrent MF-TDMA carriers, which assures non-blocking mesh networking performance for voice and data to typical end-user sites.
1, LinkWayS2 has maintained its excellent latency and jitter performance in full mesh configurations at the industry s highest MF-TDMA throughput, said Bill Connelly, general manager of ViaSat Tactical SATCOM Networks.