MFAAMortgage and Finance Association of Australia
MFAAMacromedia Flash Advertising Alliance
MFAAMissouri Fine Arts Academy
MFAAMuseum for African Art (New York, NY; est. 1984)
MFAAMed Flight Air Ambulance
MFAAMassive Fire Power Aircraft
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In fact, three Worcester Art Museum directors and a curator were either Monuments Men or served on the Roberts Commission, an organization that directed the establishment of MFAA.
In mid-1949, the Department inherited authority for the remaining collecting points and MFAA personnel in the U.
She made clear that restitution would continue even after the MFAA and collecting points ceased to operate in 1951.
He was commissioned in the British Army in 1938, joining the intelligence corps, and was transferred to the MFAA after 7, y the ceasefire in 1945.
He was quickly released to help the MFAA men in Munich.
The MFAA officers in the field found frequent instances of looting, mayhem, and the thoughtless use of books and manuscripts.
Upon their arrival in Europe after D-Day, the MFAA officers were split into teams of two and attached to different armies.
He had organized the MFAA field offices at Normandy, pushed command headquarters to expand and support the monuments effort, mentored the other Monuments Men across France and Germany, interrogated many of the important Nazi art officials, and inspected most of the Nazi repositories south of Berlin and east of the Rhine.
com will also aide Edsel in his current efforts to locate and identify surviving members of the MFAA and their families by coordinating access to their substantial "Buddy Finder" database, giving all Military.
MFAA membership is open to all leaders in the rich media advertising space (www.
Edsel is using the occasion to get the word out about a forgotten group of American World War II heroes: the extraordinary men and women of the War Department's MFAA (Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives) section, whose rescue efforts saved tens of thousands of Western Civilization's greatest art masterpieces from the clutches of Hitler and the Nazis, including works by Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Rafael, Vermeer, Picasso, Van Gogh and of course, Da Vinci.
Macromedia Flash is the technology of choice for advertisers and we are committed to working with MFAA members like DoubleClick, OgilvyInteractive, and Yahoo