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MFATMinistry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (New Zealand)
MFATMajor Field Assessment Test (ETS)
MFATMurray Flow Assessment Tool (MDBC decision support system used to assess ecological impact of flow regimes)
MFATMalarial Fluorescent Antibody Titer (pregnancy and immunology)
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Monitoring Performance on Discipline-based MFAT Means
2]max and heart rate of 151 [+ or -] 13 and 149 [+ or -] 13 bpm for the LFAT and MFAT trials, respectively (Larson-Meyer et al.
The MFAT was administered during the business students' orientation classes and at the end of the students' last business major class session.
MFAT said two consular officials from the New Zealand High Commission were now in Mumbai and are assisting New Zealanders there.
Each regional group uses MFAT to model different aspects of the ecology at about 10 locations along their zone of the river,' Young says.
Allen joined MFAT in July 2009 and was very controversial with his restructuring programme in the government department.
Having previously served as deputy head of mission at the Swiss Embassy in Wellington for two and a half years, it was a real privilege for me to join MFAT early in 2015.
The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) has led a very effective campaign calling for better consultation by MFAT.
A range of factsheets will also be published the MFAT website and further supporting details will be updated, including dates and locations for the public meetings, as they are available.
A mini-task force was set up in MFAT to monitor developments; it is functioning 24/7.