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MFBMetropolitan Fire Brigade (Australian non-volunteer)
MFBMichigan Farm Bureau
MFBMetropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (Melbourne, Australia)
MFBMedial Forebrain Bundle
MFBMicro Finance Bank
MFBMultifunction Button
MFBMissouri Farm Bureau
MFBMatched Filter Bound
MFBMinnesota Farm Bureau
MFBMaryland Farm Bureau
MFBMetal Fight Beyblade (anime)
MFBMassachusetts Film Bureau
MFBMozilla Firebird (browser)
MFBMerge from Branch (software versioning)
MFBMinnesota Freedom Band (Minneapolis, MN)
MFBMaintenance Free Battery
MFBMaterial Fielding Plan
MFBMicrowave Fluidized-Bed
MFBMontevina Fume Blanc (Wine)
MFBMittelstand und Freiberufler (category of small businesses in Austria)
MFBMaryknoll Fathers and Brothers (Maryknoll, New York)
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The IDRs of the four banks and senior debt ratings of Hexim and MFB are sensitive to changes to the Hungarian sovereign ratings.
4) reported that the most common types of MFB in the breast are surgical clips and broken pieces of guide-wires.
Multiple variants of MFB have been described, including cellular, infiltrative, epithelioid, deciduoid-like, lipomatous, collaginized/fibrous and myxoid.
government for MFB, reflected in the framework of explicit and
6m), resulting in a substantial gain for both MFB Zrt and Magyar Posta Zrt, according to the statement.
However, the private BusinessDay newspaper reported Monday that about 60% of the more than 800 MFBs operating in the country may not have access to the fund on account of their inability to meet the required conditions.
If DZ Bank approves the offer, MFB Zrt will gain access to its 1,600 branches, four times above the network of the country's top lender OTP Bank Nyrt, the website added.
He further alleged that several Jewish and Christian groups had made organized attacks to hack MFB for which they had invited all of their likeminded people from all over the world by posting appeals and invitations on the internet calling to block "Muslims' alternative to FB" on different agreed upon dates.
No MFB has opened an additional branch either at the LG or State level.
The SBP BSC will process the guarantee approval and facilitate issuance of NOC to MFBs for availing financing from lending institutions.
2 percent in 2007, the rate of inflation to be 7 percent on average, not reflected in inflationary expectations (the rate may peak at over 9 percent in the first quarter of the year), the growth of exports to be around 10-15 percent, and household consumption and investments to stagnate or fall modestly," says the MFB.
Kafus says the honeycomb construction gives MFB panels the bending strength of particleboard at one-third the weigh MFB panels can be produced in a wide range of thick-nesses and mold configurations.