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MFCPMidwest Free Community Papers
MFCPModel Farmland Conservation Program (Fresno, CA)
mFCPMetropolitan Fibre Channel Protocol
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HEP's design and fabrication services will integrate well with the capabilities of a dynamic Parker distributor such as MFCP.
Mark Mealy, Colville Capital's Managing Partner, says the HEP acquisition fits with Colville's long-term strategy because it allows MFCP to better serve an existing market segment with a new set of skills.
If adopted, iSCSI could be an alternative to FCIP, iFCP, or mFCP in linking two or more storage networks over long distances.
Like MFCP, American Hose is a full-line distributor for Parker Hannifin's Fluid Connector Group.
American Hose has an excellent customer base, and MFCP looks forward to extending our knowledgeable service and broad product offering to each of them.
With this acquisition, MFCP has the size, the strength and the capital to serve its broader customer base and continue to grow.
The moves bring MFCP and Alaska Rubber into direct competition with each other in some areas, but Robinson and Mortensen each note their company has its own individual strengths that will stand out in the industrial fittings marketplace.
MFCP is backed by Colville Capital investment firm, through which the company has made several key acquisitions.
iFCP, iSNS, iSCSI, and mFCP are IP-based storage networking specifications that address the architectural requirements of merging traditional SCSI and Fibre Channel storage with IP networking.
Internet Fibre Channel Protocol (iFCP) links Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs) and mFCP SANs over any generic TCP/IP network and enables existing FCP mechanisms and infrastructure to be leveraged for IP storage networking.
Nishan, with their release of the iSNS, iFCP, and mFCP specifications, are having a major impact on eliminating the complexities of customers' storage networks," said Ziya Aral, CTO & Chairman, DataCore Software.