MFCUMedicaid Fraud Control Unit
MFCUMarine Federal Credit Union
MFCUMetropolitan Federal Credit Union (Kansas City, MO)
MFCUMulti-Function Control Unit
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The MFCU also houses a Patient Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Unit that investigates cases where elderly, ill and disabled residents are abused in nursing homes, facilities for the mentally and physically disabled and assisted care living facilities.
The MFCU was transferred from the Department of Public Safety into the state attorney general's office by the Utah Legislature because of our own investigation of the MFCU personnel, using the state Freedom of Information Act.
The MFCU is a unit within the Florida Office of Attorney General (OAG), which has been granted statutory authority to issue investigative subpoenas and review provider records for evidence relating to Medicaid fraud and/or patient abuse-related offenses.
After an extensive selection process, MFCU chose to partner with Engage Technologies, a Florida-based contractor that specializes in access control and security systems integration.
For example, the Illinois Medical Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) found that incentive payments to physicians were common in HMOs, with practitioners receiving a portion of the funds that had not been used for hospital stays or for surgery (National Association of MFCU, 1993).
Provision: States are required to demonstrate that: (1) they operate an effective MFCU according to standards established by the Secretary; or (2) an MFCU would not be cost-effective because minimal fraud exists and beneficiaries would be protected from fraud and abuse without a MFCU.
As part of its efforts to coordinate the fight against fraud across the nation's health care systems, including Medicaid and Medicare, data mining will allow Florida's MFCU to sort electronic claims through the use of statistical models and intelligent technologies to uncover patterns and relationships.
The commissioning of the second MFCU facility at Ingulets GOK will allow us to boost merchant volumes of premium class iron ore materials for our Metallurgical Division.
based MFCU is latest to sign on with Centennial, Denver-based construction, commercial and mortgage lending CUSO.
MPI established contacts with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the MFCU to begin establishing a broader approach to the effort.
His principal place of business was at MFCU in Ann Arbor, Mich.