MFDBMemory Form Definition Block (data memory format and location description)
MFDBMatt Fowler Dot Business (website)
MFDBMalaysian Fisheries Development Board
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Since the Morningstar Direct database is subject to survivorship bias prior to 1993 and since we cannot match all of the funds, we supplement manager data with information from various issues of the Morningstar Mutual Fund Sourcebook (Morningstar Mutual Fund Sourcebook, 1984-1995) and CRSP MFDB for funds that are available in CRSP/Thompson, but not in the Morningstar database.
We use monthly fund returns net of expenses from CRSP MFDB and sort managers into quintile portfolios based on their OC Index.
Portfolio turnover is the minimum of buys or sells during a given year divided by the fund's total net assets, as available in CRSP MFDB.