MFDPMississippi Freedom Democratic Party (Civil Rights movement)
MFDPMinistry of Finance and Development Planning (Botswana)
MFDPMinority Faculty Development Program
MFDPMark Foehringer Dance Project
MFDPMongolian Federation of Disabled Persons
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It was the MFDP [Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party] Office.
Convention why they created the MFDP, Hamer explained:
Johnson's proposed solution to the MFDP compromise established the centralizing principle that henceforth the national party agencies would decide not only how many votes each state delegation got at the national convention, but also would enforce uniform rules on what kinds of persons could be selected (Milkis 1993, 210-16).
The MFDP suffered a severe setback in September when the Challenge to the seating of the five Mississippi Congressmen was dismissed (see Congressional Record for September 17, 1965).
In the meantime, NSM had deepened its involvement with the MFDP and its Congressional Challenge to three targeted white Mississippi Congressmen who had won their Congressional seats by depriving black Mississippians of their right to vote, a violation of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments.
After much political maneuvering on the part of Democratic Party politicians, the MFDP delegates failed to unseat the Mississippi regulars; they would still be recognized by the national party.
So today, as when the MFDP made its challenge to Mississippi Democrats in Atlantic City, the question remains: How do the people at the bottom get into the mix?
Humphrey's mission was to buy off Hamer and the MFDP.
Among SNCC's contributions to electoral politics were the formation of two political parties--the aforementioned MFDP and the Lowndes County Freedom Organization (LCFO)--and the conception and implementation of my successful campaigns for the Georgia State Legislature.
The national party compromised desperately, seating two of the MFDP delegates, and ordering that all delegations from multiracial states would in future bring multiracial delegations.
While antisystemic bullets did not replace reformist ballots with the emergence of Black Power, the MFDP experience convinced many activists who had worked within legal and narrowly (electoral) political systems that tinkering with the racial structure and organisational practices of the US state would not make it something new.