MFDPMississippi Freedom Democratic Party (Civil Rights movement)
MFDPMinistry of Finance and Development Planning (Botswana)
MFDPMinority Faculty Development Program
MFDPMark Foehringer Dance Project
MFDPMongolian Federation of Disabled Persons
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Convention why they created the MFDP, Hamer explained:
Johnson's proposed solution to the MFDP compromise established the centralizing principle that henceforth the national party agencies would decide not only how many votes each state delegation got at the national convention, but also would enforce uniform rules on what kinds of persons could be selected (Milkis 1993, 210-16).
In the meantime, NSM had deepened its involvement with the MFDP and its Congressional Challenge to three targeted white Mississippi Congressmen who had won their Congressional seats by depriving black Mississippians of their right to vote, a violation of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments.
From the local precinct level to a delegation going to the national convention, the MFDP fought the racist party organization that excluded Black people.
After much political maneuvering on the part of Democratic Party politicians, the MFDP delegates failed to unseat the Mississippi regulars; they would still be recognized by the national party.
The boycotters in Montgomery and the activists of the MFDP moved from marginal characters to members of authoritative interpretative communities.
The Selma Campaign diverted attention from the MFDP and its congressional challenge.
Graham: But isn't there an issue that one has to consider in terms of the relationship between the MFDP, which was in essence outside of the mainstream two-party system challenging that system, and Jesse, who became a nominee for one of the parties?
The PSC is chaired by the NACA National Coordinator, and includes key implementing partners at the national level, specifically from the MFDP, MOH, MLG, NACA, MOE, the UN technical agencies and CSO/Private Sector.
The famous compromise that offered the MFDP two convention seats was soundly rejected by disillusioned party members.
He said : "Another significant milestone is the passage of the legislation creating the MFDP and the LRA.