MFESMechanical Forensics Engineering Services, LLC (Rochester, NH)
MFESMultichannel Functional Electrical Stimulation
MFESMinnesota Federation of Engineering Societies
MFESMary Frank/Harris Elementary School (Granger, IN)
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In an MFES, this is of less concern because--as Figure 4 illustrates-averaging numerous abnormal returns across firms tends to average away the effects of unrelated price movements (or, more precisely, average them to their mean of zero), which leaves a better estimate of the mean price impact of the event under study.
A total of 29 participants (OEP group n = 12, control group n = 17) were reassessed after 6 months with the MFES and the strength and balance assessments.
Table 1: Participant measures at baseline and 6 months and the change in scores Baseline Baseline OEP control Measure (n = 18) (n = 19) MFES (%) 91.
We asked the participants to fill out the MFES before the postural sway measurement with the Good Balance.
We correlated mean postural sway of center of pressure (COP) along the x-axis (in the mediolateral direction), mean postural sway of COP along the y-axis (in the anteroposterior direction), and velocity moment (moment of velocity from the path of the center of forces) with the MFES scores and the participants' lesion levels.