MFESPMontana Family Education Savings Program
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Assets held in an MFESP account can be used to pay for a beneficiary's tuition, fees, books and certain room and board costs, not only in Montana, but at eligible schools anywhere.
With the market as sensitive as it is, the CDs available through the MFESP Bank Plan are ideal for those wanting a secure way to save for college.
Make sure to enroll in a new account or contribute to your existing MFESP Bank Plan account before December 31, 2011 in order to be eligible for 2011 tax deductions.
Upromise Investments, a leader in 529 plan administration, will provide distribution, recordkeeping and administrative services for the MFESP Investment Plan.
Participants can invite family and friends to celebrate occasions by making a gift contribution to their MFESP Investment Plan account.
When it comes to helping our families save for college, the MFESP is ahead of the curve.
Existing account holders as well as new customers are encouraged to learn about all the advantages that the MFESP has to offer including the exciting benefits that are now available to help account owners save.