MFFAMontana Facility Finance Authority
MFFAMississippi Firefighters Association (Petal, MS)
MFFAManitoba Fly Fishers Association (Canada)
MFFAMichigan Forest Finance Authority
MfFAMinistry for Foreign Affairs (Finland)
MFFAMobile Field Force Automation
MFFAMatching Funds for Federal Agencies
MFFAMean-Field Force Approximation
MFFAMaryland Flag Football Association
MFFAMassachusetts Fire Fighting Academy
MFFAMarble Falls Faith Academy
MFFAMongolian Freight Forwarders Association (Ulan Bator, Mongolia)
MFFAMissouri Friends of Folk Arts (New Haven, MO)
MFFAMonterey Fire Fighters Association (Monterey, CA)
MFFAMorden Flag Football Association
MFFAManitoba Future Forest Alliance (Canada)
MFFAMaster Forward Financing Agreement
MFFAMississauga Fire Fighters Association (Canada)
MFFAMyanmar Fish Farmers Association
MFFAMineralien Fossilien Freunde Aargau
MFFAMarks Field Football Association
MFFAMansfield Firefighters Association
MFFAMesquite Firefighters Association
MFFAMilward Farrell Fine Art (Madison, Wisconsin)
MFFAMugen Free for All (forum)
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FA-water (1:1 molar ratio) mixture can swell the nanoclay and is a good solvent for the MFFA copolymer.
Now, the MFFA copolymer with the maleic anhydride; or MFFA copolymer with maleic anhydride, DMDHEU; or MFFA copolymer with maleic anhydride, DMDHEU, nanoclay, Si[O.
107) At that point, Marbut, together with the MSSA and Second Amendment Foundation, filed suit against Attorney General Eric Holder on October 1, 2009--the day the state law took effect--seeking to enjoin enforcement of federal prosecution of individuals for manufacturing firearms pursuant to the MFFA.
As the organization stressed in an accompanying press release, "MSSA continues to strongly urge that no Montana citizen attempt to manufacture an MFFA-covered item, even after the law takes effect today, until MSSA can prove the principles of the MFFA in court.
Current Study- Modified Single-Phase Heat Transfer Correlations Based on MFFA Nu = C*[Re.
1 million in outstanding MFFA health care bonds issued under its master loan program and for the Montana Development Center.
The viscosity (at 30[degrees]C) of different batches of MFFA copolymer thus prepared was almost similar as judged by Ubbelohde viscometer.
In a prepared statement, Briant and the MFFA stated: "Regrettably, Attorney General Humphrey, in an effort to kill the bill providing a premium exemption to Minnesota's ethanol mandate, has chosen to sidestep the merits of this bill and the work of hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans supporting it, to direct an attack on one of our major member organizations, Amoco Oil (NYSE: AN).
The MFFA made public, for the first time, that they had engaged in compromise negotiations with the Minnesota Corn Growers Association in December and early January in an effort to seek a resolution of the differences between the two groups.
The same guarantee backs $107 million in bonds issued by the MFFA, a program which has a similarly strong lending history.
The Montana Legislature and governor agreed with us by enacting the MFFA.
The MFFA declares that any firearms made and retained in Montana are not subject to any federal authority, resisting Congress's dramatically expanded use of the interstate commerce clause to justify Washington's regulation of virtually all of the private economy.