MFFSMicrosoft Flash File System
MFFSMedicare Fee-for-Service
MFFSModified Farmer Field School (agriculture)
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The estimated odds ratios (with MFFS as the referent payor type) for the focal payor status variables are reported, while control covariates were suppressed.
There were no consistent differences between MFFS and MMC in the use of physicians whose risk-adjusted average discharges were faster than others in the patient's choice set.
There were consistent and precisely estimated differences between MFFS and MMC stent patients.
On the other hand, the probability of seeing the absolute highest mortality stent physician was much higher for MMC than MFFS patients (OR 1.
Unobserved patient heterogeneity was also investigated, given the imbalance of ethnicities between MFFS and MMC.
Differences in hospital and postprocedure care seem unlikely, given the same admission length profiles of physicians seeing MFFS and those seeing MMC patients.
An open question is whether poorer, unobservably sicker minority individuals prefer MMC to MFFS because of higher foreseen out-of-pocket expenditures.
But this is clearly at the expense of taxpayers: MMC plan overpayments now average ~112 percent of the traditional MFFS costs at the county level (Orszag 2007).
One open policy question is whether MMC plans actually benefit their members from an individual cost-effectiveness perspective, compared with MFFS.
However, MMC patients also had significantly higher odds of seeing faster-discharging physicians than MFFS patients.
71) was found to be significantly lower in women in the MCC group than in the MFFS group, adjusted for mother and newborn characteristics and adequacy of prenatal care (Kessner Index).
However, if the MCC group experienced lower lengths of hospital stay relative to the MFFS group, it is possible that maternal and newborn adverse events would not likely be identified during hospitalization where the birth certificate is completed.