MFFTMinimum Film Forming Temperature (polymer temperature transition testing instrumentation)
MFFTMatching Familiar Figures Test (measure of reflection-impulsivity)
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The MFFT, which asks the participant to choose from six figures the one that is the same as the one on top of the screen, is one evaluation tool.
4) In this research, an acrylic latex with a modulus that highly depends on temperature was dried both just above and just below its MFFT.
Table 1 shows the total number of errors and mean latency to the first response on the MFFT for each subject.
For all participants, testing began with the MFFT followed by the computer-administered analogies and fill-in-the-blank tests.
11), although the finding of psi-hitting on these targets when only those who were fast at the MFFT were considered was replicated (N =14, p [less than] .
For latex coatings composed of polar polymers, the MFFT is often below the [T.
Its minimum film formation temperature, as measured by a RhoPoint 90 MFFT Bar (RhoPoint Instrumentation Inc.
Minimum film formation temperature (MFFT) measurements were performed at DSM NeoResins using a model SS-3000 MFFT instrument (I.
Hard particles will have a higher MFFT compared to softer particles.
h] (nm) 500 [+ or -] 200 MFFT ([degrees]C) <0 Colloidal stability at 60[degrees]C (days) >10
As described in the experimental section, a series of acrylic polymer dispersions was synthesized based on the same MMA/nBA ratio (target MFFT around 0[degrees]C) and same surfactant.
With ethylene incorporated directly into the polymer backbone, VAE resins possess inherent internal plasticization and can offer a lower MFFT without the need for additional solvents or plasticizers, making them an excellent choice for low-VOC coatings, explains Shawn Daniel, a scientist with Arkema Coating Resins.