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MFHMulti-Family Housing
MFHMalignant Fibrous Histiocytoma
MFHMuseum of Florida History
MFHMerge from Head (software versioning)
MFHMilitary Family Housing
MFHMesenchyme Forkhead
MFHMaster of Foxhounds
MFHMilitary Funeral Honors (various armed forces)
MFHMobile Field Hospital
MFHMy Favorite Highway (band)
MFHMaximum Fork Height (standard specification of forklifts)
MFHMurder for Hire
MFHModified Frequency Hopping
MFHMy Future Husband
MFHMonkeys Flying High
MFHMonthly Flying Hours
MFHMaximum Fill Height (storage tanks)
MFHMercy for Humanity (band)
MFHMinimum Fitting Height (opthalmic lenses)
MFHMillforce Hunting (Sweden)
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The sentiment was confirmed by Ivan Robert Rusch, a World War II veteran and MFH resident in Minneapolis.
Inserts for the MFH come in new grades for difficult-to-cut materials, providing stability to help prevent insert fracturing and ensure high-efficiency machining.
5,13] Therefore, the diagnosis of MFH can be made by histopathological evaluation and immunohistochemical cellular assay.
Retroperitoneal primary MFH with renal involvement is not uncommon, but renal MFH is rare; approximately 55 cases have been reported in the literature.
MFH has contracted with CSI Solutions, based in Bethesda MD, to conduct the Learning Collaborates and to evaluate the effectiveness of the practices in providing quality care (MFH, 2012; MO HealthNet, 2012).
On radiography, MFH appears as a soft tissue mass containing mineralization in 5% to 20% of lesions.
He was treated with above knee amputation with the diagnosis of a stage IIB MFH of soft tissue around the proximal tibia.
The only DoD policy relevant to the occupancy of MFH concerns the disclosure rules.
MFH was founded in 1997 to provide direct and effective responses to this injustice.
The treatment of MFH depends on the specific location of the tumor and the tumor grade.
The Supreme Court's decision means that families and individuals across Missouri will still be able to afford health insurance," said Ryan Barker, MFH director of health policy.
The current WHO classification recognizes the undifferentiated unclassifiable category of pleomorphic sarcomas, and subdivides it into pleomorphic MFH, giant cell MFH, and inflammatory MFH.