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MFJMeta Font Job
MFJModified of Final Judgment
MFJMaison Franco-Japonaise (French: Franco-Japanese House; Japan)
MFJMarried Filing Jointly
MFJModified Final Judgment
MFJMillennium Film Journal (est. 1977)
MFJMotorcycle Federation of Japan (motorcycle racing)
MFJMartin F. Jue (founder of MFJ Enterprises, Inc.)
MFJMelbourne Fine Jewellery (trade show; Australia)
MFJMarch for Justice (social activism)
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In the IAS class of the MFJ All-Japan Trial Championship Series, Tomoyuki Ogawa, a HRC contract test rider who won his fifth championship title last year, will race for HRC CLUB MITANI riding the RTL300R and vie for his sixth and fourth consecutive championship title.
decision of whether to file MFS versus MFJ, which requires an assessment
Valentine's Day--Bloomingdale Asylum for the Insane," NYDT, 22 February 1845; MFJ 80.
EDUCATION-RELATED TAX BENEFITS Deduction for Qualified Higher Education Costs Calendar Year Single AGI MFJ AGI Deduction 2004-05 65,000 130,000 4,000 2004-05 80,000 * 160,000 * 2,000 * Taxpayers with AGI above these thresholds are not entitled to a deduction.
Provisions contained in the MFJ allowed the RBOCs to offer IntraLATA toll services ("short" long-distance calls) but prohibited them from offering InterLATA toll service ("long" long-distance calls) and competing against interexchange carriers such as AT&T, MCI, and Sprint.
The WFTRA extends the current 10% tax bracket for married filing jointly (MFJ) and single taxpayers, the expanded 15% MFJ tax bracket and the MFJ standard deduction designed to eliminate previously existing marriage penalties.
Schaefer CEGR, Souza CM, Vallejos MFJ, Viana JHM, Galvao JCC, Ribeiro LM (2001) Caracteristicas da porosidade de um Argissolo Vermelho-Amarelo submetido a diferentes sistemas de preparo de solo.
Twenty years ago, almost to the day A political appointee, Mike Brunner, came to NTCA Deciding that FHA [the Farmers Home Administration] had had their turn, And that the world of telecom had just begun to churn "Back to the Future" was the movie to see Judge Green came out with his MFJ decree NTCA members then numbered 445 Mike has taken that count, plus 125 The changes he's led us thru have been quite amazing From POTS to the Internet--without ever fazing From a monopoly mindset to facing competitive fears, Mike Brunner, we toast you and look forward to your next 20 years
Or why it refuses to encourage farmers to find ways to produce meat and dairy products with less Memo from MFJ saturated fat?
governing the $2,000 $4,000 in deduction for 2004-2005 for Single AGI interaction between $65,000 between the new & $80,000 and tax deduction MFJ $130,000 and Title IV & $160,000.
The MFJ, as overseen and implemented by Judge Greene, recognized the potential for competition in long-distance and equipment markets, but not in local services, at least for some period of time, and it maintained some elements of the cross-subsidies between the sectors.