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MFJMaison Franco-Japonaise (French: Franco-Japanese House; Japan)
MFJMarried Filing Jointly
MFJModified Final Judgment
MFJMillennium Film Journal (est. 1977)
MFJMotorcycle Federation of Japan (motorcycle racing)
MFJMartin F. Jue (founder of MFJ Enterprises, Inc.)
MFJMelbourne Fine Jewellery (trade show; Australia)
MFJMarch for Justice (social activism)
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This past year, MFJ successfully launched a pilot program in Wisconsin that measured all seventy-two counties.
technical representative during the development of the MFJ, He
The MFJ prevented RBOCs from participation in long distance because of the anticompetitive consequences that this would have for competition in long distance.
The deduction phases out between $40,000 and $55,000 of modified AGI for single taxpayers and $60,000 and $75,000 for MFJ.
A recent decision by Judge Harold Greene, overseer of MFJ implementation, gave permission to the CAPs to locate their switches adjacent to the LECs.
government's suit against AT&T, noted that both the MFJ and the
She successfully argued the government's appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, resulting in the reversal of the district court's decision that denied the Regional Bell Operating Companies the right to enter the information services line of business under the MFJ.
The actual divestiture agreement, known as the Modification of Final Judgment, or MFJ, is a short but substantive document.
An interesting new feature is an automatic conversion support to change an MFJ return into two MFS returns without data reentry.
Relavis Corporation, formerly MFJ International, is teaming with Lawson to provide customers with a comprehensive business system.
excellent articles discuss the MFJ in illuminative detail.