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MFLMagnetic Flux Leakage
MFLModern Foreign Language
MFLMy Fair Lady (movie)
MFLMedium Flood (stage lighting)
MFLMinimum Flows and Levels (ground water) (fantasy football management)
MFLManitoba Federation of Labour
MFLMaximum Foreseeable Loss (insurance, especially property)
MFLMarket Frankford Line (Philadelphia subway)
MFLManaged Forest Land
MFLMiami-Ft. Lauderdale (Florida)
MFLMovimento Fascismo e Libertà
MFLMovimento Fascismo e Libertà (Italian neo-fascist party)
MFLMale Flare (air conditioning fittings and adapters)
MFLMuch Family Love
MFLMadden Football League (gaming)
MFLMaintenance Fault List
MFLMaster Force List (JDS)
MFLMinimum Frame Length
MFLMarine Forces Atlantic (formerly MARFORLANT)
MFLMine for Life
MFLMajor Force List (JOPS)
MFLMultiple-Folded Laser
MFLMaintain Flight Level
MFLMagnetic Force Line
MFLMissile Fault Locator (Titan II system)
MFLMain Frame Linux (Linux image executing on an IBM Enterprise Server Mainframe)
MFLMaggot for Life
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Bryn Hafren head teacher Tyrone Davies said the school was delighted to support others in the region to improve the linguistic and cultural experiences of learners through MFL.
Joe Phillips and Ben Maund twice gave the MFL side the lead only for Jordan Thomas and Gary King to level for the United Counties League outfit.
In addition to the new liquid flow metrology lab, NMC is also collaborating with MFL to provide scientific metrology expertise and consultancy for the establishment of a primary liquid flow standard (PLFS) and the construction of a heavy hydrocarbon rig (HHCR), as well as to conduct R&D in flow measurements for bunker fuel.
For instance, should a seam assessment be required, the combination of SMFL and MFL offers the greatest identification and accuracy for detection of crack-like defects.
Although low pressure can cause troublesome velocity fluctuations during an MFL inspection, higher line pressure causes the gas to be less compressible and more liquid-like, posing additional obstacles to successful inspection, should product flow be insufficient to ensure ideal tool velocity.
For example, axial MFL is unable to detect anomalies that are located within the same magnetic field orientation.
The good news for homesteaders is you can still cut firewood from your land that is in the MFL program but only for your own use.
But he breached that by running Birtley-based MFL Transport Ltd and MFL Worldwide Freight Services Ltd.
Now UFD has been awarded a three-year contract, which under a new disposal process by MFL, is set to quadruple all UFD-driven deliveries.
Lee discovered the Washington Chiefs MFL out of Montgomery County.
It forms part of the Welsh Government's drive to increase take-up of MFL, which experts warn is becoming increasingly marginalised in Wales' schools.