MFMEModified Frequency-Modulation Encoding
MFMEMechanical Minefield Marking Equipment
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When plasma insulin levels on 28th day compared with initial day, treatment with MFME (200 mg/kg bw) significantly (Pless than 0.
MFME extract at the tested dose range (5-1000 g/mL) and standard drug, Glibenclamide at dose range (5-100 M/mL) has not shown any toxicity on the viability of the cells, upon incubation (Table 2).
MFME Effect on Insulin Secretion from MIN 6 Beta Cells
Table 2: MIN6 A3/4 - Cell Viability Assay of Glibenclamide and MFME at Different Doses
The role of glucose on insulin secretion by MFME was shown in Figure 5.
Insulin secretagogue mechanisms of MFME were studied by using insulin release modulators (Figure 6).
Role of K+-ATP Channels and Calcium (Ca+2) on Insulin Secretion by MFME
The MFME extract significantly enhanced insulin release from MIN6 beta cells in the presence of higher calcium levels in incubation media by 42.
Furthermore, the present study indicates insulinotropic effect of MFME leads the antidiabetic activity by acting as an insulin secretagogue.
In acute toxicity studies the given doses of the MFME were found non toxic.
The in vitro experiments conducted on MIN6 beta cells to study the mechanisms of anti hyperglycemic activity of MFME revealed insulin release potentiating effects of the extract.
The KATP channels closure as a mechanism in insulin secretagogue effect of MFME was evaluated by using Diazoxide, which significantly decreased insulin releasing effect of the MFME in the presence of hyperglycemic condition.