MFMSConference on Multifunctional Materials and Structures (engineering)
MFMSMarco Forster Middle School (California)
MFMSMarble Falls Middle School (Marble Falls, TX)
MFMSMonaro Folk Music Society (Australia)
MFMSMutual Fund Management System
MFMSMissile Fuel Movement System
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The PERS of MMS, MFMS and that of Nutrend were higher than the value of 2.
There was significant difference in colour, taste and aroma for all the food formulations; on the other hand, the UFMS and MFMS (fermented products) did not show any significant difference in acceptability.
The unfermented products gave better acceptability than the fermented products in all the attributes; the UFMS and MFMS (fermented products), however, did not show any significant difference in acceptability.
MFMS has three swaps outstanding with a notional amount of $68.
The Rating Outlook is Stable and assumes that MFMS will continue to post positive operating margins and maintain its cash position at current levels.
With the 2006 debt issuance, MFMS projected its operating margin to increase from 1%-2.
Two multispecialty groups of approximately 45 physicians each primarily admit to MFMS and account for nearly 50% of its active physicians and 60% of admissions.
MFMS projects its operating margin to increase from to 2.
MFMS is located in Winter Haven, FL, approximately 52 miles east of Tampa and 47 miles west of Orlando.
MFMS has implemented several initiatives, including an expansion of financial counseling, to reduce its bad debt expense.