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MFNMetromedia Fiber Network
MFNMinefinders Corporation Ltd (stock symbol)
MFNMilford Sound, New Zealand (Airport Code)
MFNMulti Frequency Network (website)
MFNMoney For Nothing
MFNMarsalforn (postal locality, Malta)
MFNMississippi Food Network
MFNMain Frogans Network
MFNMini-Fiber Node
MFNMetropolitan Fiber Network (NextLink)
MFNMantrafreenet (free internet service in India)
MFNMasculine Feminine Neuter (gender)
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He further said if a decision over awarding MFN status to India would ever be taken it would be a democratic one, and all the sensitive sectors of trade would be protected.
The MFN status means abolishing the negative list of 1,209 items.
M Muneer president India-Pakistan chamber of commerce and industry said that Pakistan should grant MFN status to India it is the need of the time for the interest of both the nation.
The MFN will improve trade relations significantly which will also have positive impact on political relations, she added.
with an MFN status for India, Islamabad yet has been giving concessions to
the first and leading neutral Internet exchange, and SiteSmith, a leader in delivering comprehensive Internet infrastructure managed services, MFN is a leading provider of Internet connectivity, co-location and managed services solutions for high-bandwidth and business-critical applications.
That possibility has the potential to incite another round of saber-rattling from Beijing that may kill the passage of MFN status at the U.
5 percent of MFN by investing about $715 million to purchase newly issued shares of class A common stock.
In an attempt to deny MFN extension to China this summer, a coalition of protectionists, human rights advocates, religious conservatives, and administration bashers have united to elevate MFN renewal to the top of the summer's political agenda.
When running for president in 1992, Bill Clinton criticized George Bush for extending MFN status for China, saying Bush had "coddled" the Chinese dictators.
We should extend MFN to China, not because it is in our economic interest, but because it is in our national interest,'' Dole said.
The agreement will also allow each country to grandfather, or in the language of trade agreements "to reserve," certain provisions of existing law that do not conform to national treatment or MFN principles.