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MFNMetromedia Fiber Network
MFNMinefinders Corporation Ltd (stock symbol)
MFNMilford Sound, New Zealand (Airport Code)
MFNMulti Frequency Network (website)
MFNMoney For Nothing
MFNMarsalforn (postal locality, Malta)
MFNMississippi Food Network
MFNMain Frogans Network
MFNMini-Fiber Node
MFNMetropolitan Fiber Network (NextLink)
MFNMantrafreenet (free internet service in India)
MFNMasculine Feminine Neuter (gender)
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India accorded the MFN status to Pakistan in 1996, insisting that the status was given to fulfill the commitments made with WTO.
The manner in which the political leaders of Bucharest perceived these actions diminished even more Romania's chances of maintaining the MFN clause.
He further said if a decision over awarding MFN status to India would ever be taken it would be a democratic one, and all the sensitive sectors of trade would be protected.
The MFN status means abolishing the negative list of 1,209 items.
Pakistan will also implement its commitments and grant MFN status to India as the talks between two countries resumes.
The agriculturalists have complained that after granting MFN status to India the local markets would be flooded with Indian goods, which will be cheaper because of low input cost in India.
The proponents argue that there is no harm in granting the MFN treatment, as both Pakistan and India are already members of South Asia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA), which can be termed as an MFN-plus arrangement.
As panel members at the DOJ/FTC workshop outlined, MFN clauses have the potential to facilitate coordination and diminish competition: They can disincentivize sellers from offering discounts and buyers from negotiating for them.
Because the initial contracting parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1947, including Pakistan and India, were quite small (23), the benchmark for MFN was the best treatment offered to any country.
with an MFN status for India, Islamabad yet has been giving concessions to
for serious concern regarding the anticompetitive nature of MFN clauses.
GFInet, like other successful financial services companies, understands that a solid, scalable, secure Internet site infrastructure is crucial when it comes to serving the financial community," said Mark Spagnolo, president of MFN Internet Solutions.