MFOQAMilitary Flight Operations Quality Assurance (USAF)
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MFOQA allows us to use the control instruments, to actually measure the leading indicators of safety by examining close calls, which we know occur in far greater numbers than actual mishaps, and thus furnish our analyses with far more data than what our infrequent mishaps provide.
In the decade since commencing our MFOQA initiative, the USAF has learned to value the analyses produced from flight data.
ACC and Air Education and Training Command's MFOQA program is overseen and promoted by the USAF Safety Center at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.
For the five year period ending in the fall of 2003, we had more than 200 Class A mishaps, and we believe at least 21 of them (10 percent) could have been prevented had a tool such as MFOQA been in place," said Chip Brown, the program's lead engineer and former flight-data analyst at the Naval Safety Center, who initiated the study.
Two squadrons, one FA-18C/D and one SH-60B, currently are doing a fleet demo or "bridge" program with MFOQA.
Recent lessons learned and accomplishments have shown that IMDS and JAHUMS technologies can support the development of the MFOQA process.
It is obvious that the MFOQA process would have prevented this entire evolution by removing the aircraft from the flight schedule.
RDML Bachmann also discussed MFOQA and its relationship to IMDS, mentioning that commercial airlines have focused on flight-operations quality assurance for years.
I asked RDML Bachman to share an experience where MFOQA or IMDS/JAHUMS would have been beneficial earlier in his career.
The MFOQA software supplied by Spirent will analyze the data looking for operational and safety anomalies recorded during flight missions.
She added, "With MFOQA, Navy and Marine Corps leadership will be empowered to make assessments based on specific data.
Falcon wrote, "Through the efforts of DASN (Safety), the focus on MFOQA as an initiative to decrease the human-error rate and reduce aircrew skill-based errors throughout the Department of Defense (DoD) aviation community has been elevated to the Secretary of Defense.