MFOSMongolian Foundation for Open Society (Soros Foundation)
MFOSMulti-Functional Optical System
MFOSMulti-Function Operation System (Operations Support System)
MFOSMixed Function Oxygenase System (cell research enzymes)
MFOSMulti-Functional Operator's Seat (military helicopters)
MFOSMixed Function Oxidases System (cell research enzymes)
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Given that this model offered a better theoretical representation of the MFOS data compared to the former two-factor model, this model was retained.
The expectations of positive correlations between the Approach Motives subscale of the Sexual Goals questionnaire and the Partner Self-Esteem, Timing, and Improve Sex subscales of the MFOS were supported (see Table 7).
Contrary to expectations, all of the MFOS subscales were correlated with the Avoidance Motives subscale of the Sexual Goals questionnaire.
The expectation of positive correlations between the BAS Reward-Responsiveness subscale and the Intoxication, Poor Sex/Partner, Desireless Sex, and Insecurity subscales of the MFOS was supported.
While both men and women were found to pretend orgasm for all reasons listed in the MFOS, men scored higher on the Intoxication, Poor Sex/Partner, and Insecurity subscales.
The MFOS can enhance our understanding of human motivation in the realm of sexuality, and can be administered concurrently with other measures and questionnaires to gain insight on the impact of motives for pretending orgasm on sexual function and satisfaction, or to reach a better understanding of possible factors that may lead some individuals to pretend orgasm for given motives.