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MFPMultifunction Printer
MFPMultifactor Productivity
MFPMean Free Path
MFPMutualité Fonction Publique (French: Mutual Public Service)
MFPMicrosoft FrontPage
MFPMulti-Function Product
MFPMaster Financial Professional
MFPMarematlou Freedom Party (Lesotho)
MFPMatched-Field Processing (signal processing)
MFPMajor Force Program
MFPMulti-Function Polis
MFPMain Force Patrol (fictional police task force)
MFPMateriel Fielding Plan
MFPMarine Forces Pacific
MFPMulti-Filament Polypropylene
MFPMini-Flat Package
MFPMerchandise Financial Planning (Oracle)
MFPMaster Financial Planning
MFPMixed Fission Product(s)
MFPMain Feed Pump
MFPManufacturing Plan
MFPMobile Fire Post (Singapore Civil Defence Force)
MFPMinimal Flight Path
MFPMagnetic Field Perturbative (Method)
MFPMortar Firing Point
MFPMain Force Police
MFPMinimum Faulty Polygon
MFPMission Force Protection
MFPMessage Preparation Facility
MFPMulti-Camera Field Production (video shoot for live concerts/shows)
MFPMoisture and Fungus-Proof Paint
MFPMarine Forensics Panel
MFPMusic for Peace (performing artist network, Uganda)
MFPMinisterul Finantelor Publice (Romanian: Ministry of Finance)
MFPMultifunction Peripheral
MFPMoney Follows the Person (US DHHS)
MFPMinisterio de Finanzas Públicas (Spanish: Ministry of Public Finance; Guatemala)
MFPMountain Falls Park (Virginia)
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These new imagePROGRAF devices are available now to order for a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $5,995 for the imagePROGRAF iPF770 MFP L36 and an MSRP of $4,095 for the imagePROGRAF iPF670 MFP L24.
The next MFP lo discuss is detailed in the USMC Infantry-Training Battalion (ITB) Fast's 0341 program of instruction (see Figure 2).
Joey Yen, market analyst of peripherals at IDC Taiwan, pointed out that no matter in inkjet or laser technology the penetration of MFPs in the market has been increasing, and the segment of MFPs has become one of the most important targets of global printer vendors.
Under the DRA, only those individuals who resided in a qualified institution for more than six months were eligible to participate in the MFP Demonstration Program.
The C9850 MFP strengthens OKI Printing Solutions' MFP offering.
After a relatively slow adoption rate, sales of low-end MFPs will expand dramatically over the next five years as the product type appeals to a broader base of users, concluded the market research firm, based here.
Highly secure with PIN or optional proximity card protection, MFP and file access restrictions, as well as SSL-encrypted communication
Worldwide Monochrome Laser MFP Market Share by Vendor
Irene Lien, market analyst of PC & peripherals group at IDC Taiwan, said that MFP shipments were affected by the long Chinese New Year holidays and the off-season effects, as well as, more important, the conservative purchases from both the government and private sector due to the bad economic factors.
The Captaris RightFax MFP module is said to provide an improved and simplified integration process for multifunction products (MFP), enabling enterprise fax and document delivery features to be extended to HP, Sharp and Xerox.
Kyocera's patented long-life consumable technology, with maximum business "uptime" through an impressive 600,000 page preventive maintenance schedule for each new MFP