MFPMManufacture Française des Pneumatiques Michelin (French: French Michelin Tire Manufacturer)
MFPMMembership of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
MFPMMetaFrame Password Manager (Citrix)
MFPMModern Family Planning Methods (Tanzanian campaign)
MFPMMade from Purchased Materials or Materials Transferred from Another Establishment (SIC abbreviation)
MFPMMouse Fetal Palatal Mesenchyme
MFPMMedium Frequency Pulse Meter
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Nasdaq: AVAN) today announced the appointment of Alistair Wheeler, MD, MFPM, as Vice President, Medical Affairs.
Wheeler received his MD from the Royal London Hospital Medical College and his MFPM from the Royal College of Physicians.
Additionally, Brian Dickson, MD, MFPM, chairman of Dickson Research Corporation, commented, "This agreement will allow us to continue our rapid growth while providing the appropriate capital and management support.