MFPRMultifetal Pregnancy Reduction
MFPRMécanisme de Financement avec Partage des Risques (French: Risk Sharing Finance Mechanism; EU)
MFPRMove from Processor Register (computing)
MFPRMontana Family Practice Residency
MFPRMassy-Forget Public Relations (Canada)
MFPRMatrix Fluorescence Photobleaching Recovery (chemistry)
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As plantas irrigadas com 20% de soro nao apresentaram diferenca significativa na producao de MFPR em relacao a solucao testemunha (Tabela 3).
For this reason, MFPR construct (for a smaller sample of countries) a continuous variable based on the following idea.
Column 8-1 reports the MFPR regression on OECD countries.
The focal point of the campaign is the MPH=BPM logo inspired by MFPR, LLC.