MFQMouvement Français pour la Qualité (French: French Movement for Quality)
MFQModern Folk Quartet (band)
MFQManaging For Quality
MFQMarks Fear Questionnaire (social phobia)
MFQMortimer-Filkins Questionnaire (alcohol abuse)
MFQMemory Failure Questionnaire (psychology)
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But these arguments are looking pale now, weak from lack of exercise; I hesitate to send them out into the swells of megabass and keyboards, a hundred and twenty beats per minute; there isn't enough oxygen in the house to compete with Martha Wash's ear-crunching shrieks, and so I just roll my eyes, frown a little; Andy leans closer: "Have you -" he asks, voice faltering, and I brace myself, I know he's going for MFQ #1 "- published anything?
Self-reported ability to recall past events measured with the MFQ showed a slight increase in memory complaints among women using transdermal estradiol (p=0.
Verweij PE, Van den Bergh MFQ, Rath PM, De Pauw BE, Voss A, Meis JFGM.
While on tour with MFQ, he bought an old camera and started casually shooting -- he proved to be a natural, and the rest is pop culture history.