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MFRMemorandum For Record
MFRRogue Valley International/Medford Airport (airport code; Medford, OR, USA)
MFRMaison Familiale Rurale (French: Rural Family House; educational association)
MFRMarine Forces Reserve (USMC)
MFRMinimum Funding Requirement
MFRMyofascial Release
MFRMelt Flow Rate
MFRMoray Firth Radio (UK Radio Station)
MFRManaging for Results
MFRMass Flow Rate
MFRMemorandum for the Record
MFRMultilink Frame Relay
MFRMedical First Responder
MFRMulti Family Residential
MFRMedicinska Forskningsrådet (Swedish Medical Research Council)
MFRMulti-Function Recorder (Addonics)
MFRMultifunction Radar
MFrMiddle French (linguistics)
MFRMarine Force Recon
MFRMotion for Relief
MFRMedford, OR, USA - Medford-Jackson County Airport (Airport Code)
MFRMulti Frequency Receiver
MFRMemo for the Record
MFRMulti-Function Radio
MFRMobile Force Reserve (UK MoD)
MFRMission Fired Report
MFRMost Forward with Fixed Radius
MFRMinimum Financial Responsibility
MFRModulation Frequency Range
MFRMatched-Filter Receiver
MFRMonthly Failure Rate
MFRMaterial Failure Report
MFRMountain Fresh Rainier
MFRMaintenance Fault Reporting
MFRManipulator/Mobile Foot Restraint
MFRMalfunction Receiver
MFRMember of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (award)
MFRMaximum Fragment Range (military munitions)
MFRMcLean Family Restaurant (McLean, VA)
MFRMainfranken Racing e.V. (Germany)
MFRMaintenance Fee Revenue
MFRMaster Formula Record (pharmaceutical)
MFRMale-Female Relationship (psychology)
MFRMy Finest Regards
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By setting a 40% upper limit for MFR increase during processing, we are not saying that if the value reaches 41% all the parts will fail, and if it stays at 39% everything will work as planned.
The crude calculation method used to work out the MFR has not stood up to the sophisticated nature of investment markets.
The purchase of MFR Europe represents a promising future for PDC as a global corporation," says Gary Hutchinson, President and CEO of PDC.
The MFRs for the two materials are often interpreted as indicating that the viscosity of the 4-MFR material is 5.
However, that could set it on a collision course with the MFR review, which was set up in the wake of the Robert Maxwell pension-funding fiasco in the early 1990s, to protect staff pensions from unscrupulous employers.
The Addonics MFR DVD+/-R/RW can also become an external storage device to any computer via the fast USB 2.
Consequently, the MFR test is a constant-shear-stress test, not a constant-shear-rate test.
The Addonics MFR is also an external, portable DVD (8X)/ CDRW (24x10x24) for any computer with up to USB 2.
In addition, the relationship between MFR and average molecular weight is a relative one.
The government should be mindful of this when considering the MFR.
A 30% reduction in melt viscosity is actually equal to a 43% increase in MFR when the tests are performed at the same conditions.
Vistamaxx 6102: 16% ethylene content, 3 MFR, 67 Shore A hardness.