MFRCMilitary Family Resource Centre (Canada)
MFRCMilitary Family Resource Center
MFRCMicro Finance Regulatory Council
MFRCMidwest Forensics Resource Center (Ames Laboratory; US Department of Energy; Ames, IA)
MFRCMoorepark Food Research Centre (Teagasc Research; Agriculture and Food Development Authority; Ireland)
MFRCModel-Following Reconfigurable Control
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To learn more about MFRC and AFDEX, register for the introductory webinar taking place Nov.
MFRC supports and consults its customers in various ways of both online and offline education, sharing application experiences and useful findings from annual conference on metal forming CAE technologies which covers special short-term or long-term lectures and publication of books and papers as well.
We hope to share our experience and challenges with our counterparts who will be forming part of the delegation from other countries in the East and Southern part of Africa and learn from them," says Paxton Ramothata, Complaints and Enforcement Manager at the MFRC.
The MFRC study, based on a March 2007 survey of Federal CISOs, reveals that 75 percent of CISOs state their agency's Federal Computer Security Report Card grade improved in 2007.
The MFRC articulated a collective vision of ecologically-appropriate, scientifically-supported forest restoration through a set of 13 principles ratified in August 2007.
The design of the new reader IC is also pin-to-pin compatible with Philips' existing reader ICs including the MIFARE(R) smart card reader IC MFRC 500 and the I.
Volunteers and donations--these are the lifeblood of an MFRC, as Karen Hodge-Cunningham, CEO of the National Capital Region's MFRC, will tell you.
With a resume that includes running her own business, working in banking, and serving as a professor, she brings a unique civilian skill set to running the MFRC.
We're the only MFRC in Canada that Is not housed on a base, so we have the added complexity of trying to reach out across numerous geographic areas to reach numerous individuals," she says.
The consideration in appointing MFRC was also the need for assistance in international reporting for month-to-month transactions by region.
MFRC will now actively begin preparing the filing of the Company's 10QSB for the first quarter 2001.