MFSCMinistry of Forests and Soil Conservation (Nepal)
MFSCMankato Figure Skating Club (Minnesota)
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MFSCModified Fatigue Symptom Checklist
MFSCMedical Functional Steering Committee (Tricare)
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The primary objectives of this study are; 1) to evaluate the agricultural extension services of MFSC in the project areas; 2) to compare the activities of member farmers of MFSC to those of non- member farmers; 3) to identify the main factors affecting yield of crops grown by the members and non-member farmers and 4) to determine the overall impact of MFSC on agriculture and their strengths and weaknesses.
60 member farmers of the MFSC and 60 non-member farmers of the MFSC in each district.
Secondly, independent sample t-test was applied to determine the differences in their general characteristic as well as farming methods of members and non-member farmers of the MFSC.
The main sources of providing agriculture implements/machineries to farmers are their own machineries or MFSC provide some implements.
The basic perception of MFSC is to establish a favorable and suitable environment for farmers to enhance their production and provide agricultural inputs at their doorsteps.
Understandably the member respondents are more aware about the role of MFSC and their activities in their areas as compared to non-member respondents.
The member respondents possess relatively more clear perception and know how about agriculture extension programs of MFSC than the non-member respondents.
Table 5 compares the area and yield of major crops grown by the members and non-member farmers of the MFSC using the same statistics tools.
The member farmers of the MFSC use less fertilizer than non-member farmers.
2015) who found that MFSC contributed towards the improvement in yield of wheat, maize, rice and sugarcane.
628 mounds/acre in sugarcane, wheat, maize and rice yield respectively after registration with MFSC.
Knowledge about MFSC working in your area/district###yes###No